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And Justice Law, LLC Will Help You Get On A Better Path When You’re Facing Difficult Situations Like Divorce, Domestic Violence, or Criminal Charges

If you are visiting this website looking for an attorney to represent you in a divorce, a domestic violence matter, or a criminal case, chances are you are going through a very hard time right now.

The law offices of And Justice Law are your solution for Albuquerque family law. With dedication to providing superb legal counsel in criminal defense; with the experienced divorce attorney you need to secure proper custody rights; with the highest professionalism in domestic violence: And Justice Law wants to represent you. Just request an appointment.

I’m Melanie Rhodes, and I represent clients experiencing all of these problems:

custody disputes
child support issues
guardianship cases
prenuptial agreements
child protective services issues
domestic violence
misdemeanor criminal charges

Melanie Rhodes has 18 years of experience assisting clients through divorce and custody disputes.

It’s hard to imagine anything more painful than going through a divorce. Two people who were once in love are now separating their lives from each other and there is nothing pretty about it. You have to divide your stuff that you have spent a life time collecting together, the family photos, and most importantly, time with your children.

Sometimes everything your spouse says or does hurts. In some cases, everything is intended to hurt.

It’s hard, and I want to help you get through this bleak period as quickly as possible and help you move on to a better stage in your life.

Melanie Rhodes has extensive experience in representing clients in domestic violence cases in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.

Domestic violence is rampant in New Mexico. Sometimes victims are truly afraid to tell anyone that it happened even though their lives may be in danger. And worse, they may have been living so long with the violence that they may have gotten used to it without even knowing it.

As your attorney, I will help you get into a safe place. I want to see you take back the reins of your life. I want you to control the decisions that you are making. It’s my job to guide you back to regaining the position of power in your own life.

Melanie Rhodes has been representing clients with misdemeanor criminal charges for 18 years.

Are you facing charges for battery on a household member, DWI, DUI, telephone harassment, traffic violations, or public disturbance charges? Contact me for help.

My mission is to help my clients get to a better place.

That means that I don’t just see you as just another case. I can direct you to the resources that you need to get through this time in your life. Whether you need counselling, help finding a place to stay, or financial direction… I want you to walk out of my office in better shape than you came in.

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